Tuesday, November 10, 2015

People In Your Neighbourhood: Home Inspector (part 2 of 2)

Home inspectors could study Associate of Applied Science in Building Inspection Technology.  This would help home inspectors understand the utility systems and carpentry to make sure that they would be making better decisions or evaluation of homes and buildings.

Home inspectors would do three types of inspection: structural and safety inspection, financial valuation and comprehensive inspection.  Structural and safety inspection is commonly done when checking new and previously-owned houses.  Financial inspection is done when the inspector is working for insurance and financial company and it is performed to create a comprehensive report about the house’s status.

A comprehensive home inspection, meanwhile, is about performing structural and safety inspection but on a more detailed level.  Comprehensive inspection would include the detailed resolutions to detected home problems.

They would also have job limitations.  The first thing is that home inspectors are not there to give their opinion to whether you should buy the house or not.  That decision depends on the client.  But gathering enough information on the status of the house from the inspector can make the client have a guided decision.  Aside from that, it is also not the responsibility of the home inspector to provide quotations on what would be the value of the house in the market.  The real estate agent is responsible for that.

Being a home inspector is not a job for everybody. But it could be the best job for you if you love working independently and helping others appreciating houses and providing assistance to potential home owners.

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