Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Perform Magic Tricks on the Streets (part 1 of 2)

Ever seen David Blaine perform magic tricks? Most of these can be seen on television and you can do the same thing with the proper training. But how do you get started?

What you wear on the street is different from what you wear in a children’s party so don’t even think of wearing a tall black hat and suit. But still, you will need to wear a comfortable outfit and don’t forget to bring with you some tools for the trick.

To become a street magician, you must first learn some simple magic tricks. Ideally, these should have a lot of movement and color so that you will not only get the attention of a few people but a crowd. Some examples of those being used often include cards, coins, levitation and rings.

So you know nothing will go wrong, call a few friends over and perform in front of them. If the magic tricks go without any hitches, then good for you. Just keep practicing and do it also in front of others since this will help build your confidence. However, if there are some mistakes, be sure to fix it and don’t be afraid to get some feedback from them.

To be a good magician, you also have to a good entertainer. You achieve that by adding dialogue or a script to your act. Making people laugh and smile is a sign that you are amusing them. Once you have enough skill, you can get someone from the audience to help you perform the act so he or she can feel that they are part of the show.

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