Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Perform Magic Tricks on the Streets (part 2 of 2)
Wearing a comfortable outfit is just a small part of the show. To draw a crowd, you have to select a place that has a lot of traffic as this will likely attract more attention. A good example could be near the subway station. Ideally, the area should be closed off to vehicular traffic. If there is a place where street magic is done regularly, find a spot there to put on your show.

The first act is the most important so make sure that it is very good so that others who walk by will stop and see what is going on. Make sure to make your voice loud yet clear so even people in the back can hear what you are saying. As mentioned before, get people from the audience to help you out because street magicians do not have any assistants whenever they perform a show.

When you are ending the act, don’t forget to ask for donations by putting a hat on the ground or carrying this around the crowd. Most people give a small contribution which is not bad for a few minutes of work. Don’t forget to thank them and try to come up with better tricks so there is always something different each time you go to your spot.

Performing magic tricks in the streets won’t help you make a fortune but it is a lot of fun. Who knows? You could get lucky and someone there in the audience could just give you that big break you were looking for or maybe hire you to do a small gig which will probably pay more than the dollars and pennies you find inside that hat.

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